GHLI partners with universities across the U.S. to support the Rwandan Ministry of Health’s Human Resources for Health Program (HRH), which develops skilled workers to meet the country’s health care delivery needs. Representing a new model for global collaboration, HRH aims to build the capacity of Rwandan universities and teaching hospitals for a sustainable pipeline of health care professionals. This work brings together experts from various specialties to focus on developing more effective residency programs at the National University of Rwanda and associated teaching hospitals; as well as to  train health care workers from across the country to take on leadership roles in hospital administration.

An M.H.A. degree program is offered at the Rwanda School of Health Sciences to help students develop, apply and refine skills in management and leadership. This program is based on our successful Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative tailored to fit the unique needs and opportunities in Rwanda.

As part of USAID’s Leadership, Management, and Governance Project, GHLI also delivered a leadership development certificate program for district hospital medical directors at the National University of Rwanda School of Public Health. Through this Senior Leadership Program, participants addressed targeted health system challenges – including procurement, equipment management, staff supervision, antenatal care, and staff motivation.