Emerging from more than twenty years of conflict, Liberia has made great strides to reestablish the delivery of essential health services. GHLI partnered with the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) and the Clinton Health Access Initiative as part of the Health Management Delivery Program to establish a certificate course that provides health care professionals with the leadership skills and problem solving tools necessary to implement the Liberian National Health Plan.

Yale-Clinton Fellows served as on-site mentors to management teams in select hospitals, strengthening leadership capacity, building management systems and promoting tangible improvements in the quality of care. One hospital team implemented infection control guidelines and standardized preoperative practices which reduced post-surgical complications from 65% to 24% in less than six months. This work culminated in the development of the Health Management Toolkit for health facility managers across the country and the Drug Dispenser Certification Workbook and training program to promote effective pharmacy management and safe dispensing practices.

Additionally, GHLI faculty helped establish accreditation systems for public hospitals with focus on the MoHSW’s basic package for health services. During this two-year partnership, the health management certificate program reached all county health teams and was fully transitioned to Mother Patern College, where it continues today.