Below are more recent examples of GHLI research.

The Ethiopian Health Extension Program and Variation in Health Systems Performance: What Matters? Fetene N, Linnander E, Fekadu B, Alemu H, Omer H, Canavan M, et al. (2016).

Use of a National Collaborative to Improve Hospital Quality in a Low-Income Setting. Erika Linnander, Zahirah McNatt , Heather Sipsmaa, Dawit Tatek, Yigeremu Abebe, Abraham Endeshaw and Elizabeth H. Bradley. (2016).

A Patient-Centered Understanding of the Referral System in Ethiopian Primary Health Care Units. Orit Abrahim, Erika Linnander, Halima Mohammed, Netsanet Fetene, Elizabeth Bradley. (2015).

A National System for Monitoring the Performance of Hospitals in Ethiopia. Zahirah McNatt, Erika Linnander, Abraham Endeshaw, Dawit Tatek, David Conteh, Elizabeth H. Bradley. (2015).

Evaluation of the Ethiopian Millennium Rural Initiative: Impact on Mortality and Cost-Effectiveness. Leslie A. Curry, Patrick Byam, Erika Linnander, Kyeen M. Andersson, Yigeremu Abebe, Abraham Zerihun, Jennifer W. Thompson, Elizabeth H. Bradley. (2013). 

A Systems Approach to Improving Rural Care in EthiopiaBradley EH, Byam P, Alpern R, Thompson JWZerihun A, Abebe Y, Curry LA. (2012).

Educating Leaders in Hospital Management: A Pre-Post study in Ethiopian HospitalsKebede S, Mantopoulos J, Ramanadhan S, Cherlin E, Gebeyehu M, Lawson R, Bradley EH. (2011).