Ethiopia Team

Central Team

Netsanet Fetene, Senior Technical Lead
Netsanet has more than 13 years of experience working as a clinician and public health specialist in various organizations in Ethiopia and internationally including; the Health Extension Program Platform, the World Health Organization, American Refugee Committee, Engender Health Ethiopia, Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, Inter Church Medical Assistance and various public hospitals in Ethiopia. Netsanet has an M.D. from Addis Ababa University and an M.P.H. from Gondar University. 

Elizabeth Mulugeta, Operations Manager
Elizabeth has more than 15 years of experience in administration and human resources. She has worked in Inter-Governmental, International and Nongovernmental Organizations.  Elizabeth is currently earning an M.S. in Human Resource Management.

Kidest Nadew, Country Director
Kidest directs all GHLI programmatic activities in Ethiopia including the Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative and the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative. These initiatives include the M.H.A. program, the Ethiopian Health Care Alliance for Quality, and other hospital-related efforts. Prior to working in Ethiopia, Kidest worked in Rwanda, Australia, and Nigeria on program and service coordination in child health, pediatric HIV/AIDS, hospital management, human resources for health, and leadership mentoring. Kidest holds an M.A. in Health Science from the University of Sydney and various management certificates from TAFE College NSW Australia. 

Asnake Tachbele, Financial Manager
Asnake has worked for the British Council and World Vision as a financial management capacity development mentor, finance officer, grants officer and accountant. Asnake has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Accounting and Finance from Addis Ababa and Hawassa Universities. 

Abraham Zerihun, Director of the Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative
Abraham manages all aspects of the Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative for GHLI. Abraham holds M.B.A. and M.P.H. degrees and has many years of experience in hospital and health systems strengthening, maternal and child health, HIV, human resources for health programs in Ethiopia, Lesotho, Jamaica and most recently Rwanda. 

Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative (PTI)

Aklilu Abera, Management Mentor - Amhara 
Aklilu has more than 13 years of experience as a clinical service provider, HIV prevention and care mentor, and as an expert in Malaria and other vector borne diseases. Aklilu holds both B.S. and M.P.H. degrees.

Gebeyaw Alamirew, Management Mentor - Amhara 
Gebeyaw has worked in Ethiopia’s public health sector for the past 17 years in various organizations such as the Clinton Health Access Initiative where Gebeyaw served as a regional coordinator for the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative, the Ethiopia Red Cross Society, Medicines Sans Frontiers Holland, the Ministry of Health, and Gondar Hospital. Gebeyaw has an M.P.H. degree. 

Anley Dessie, Senior Regional Manager Amhara  
Anley has 23 years of experience in public health in the Amhara region working for International Nongovernmental Organizations and the Ministry of Health. Anley has an M.P.H. and an International Diploma in Project Management.

Henok Gebreyohaness, Management Mentor - Amhara 
Henok has worked for the past 9 years as a public health program manager and clinician for various organizations such as the Clinton Health Access Initiative, ITECH, Abt Associates, the U.S. Agency for International Development Private Health Sector Program, and Quiha Hospital. Henok holds an M.P.H. degree.

Kefyalew Meless, Management Mentor - Amhara
Kefyalew has worked in Ethiopia’s public health sector for the past 15 years in various organizations such as Management Sciences for Health as a zonal coordinator, the Clinton Health Access Initiative as a clinical mentor, Medicines Sans Frontiers as a field nurse, emergency team leader, and a nursing teacher. Kefyalew has an M.P.H. degree.

Teame Gebretensae, Management Mentor - Tigray 
Teame has 8 years of work experience in public health. Teame has served in a number of positions including dean of students in Mekelle Health Science College, mentor, and a scale up officer for the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Ethiopia. Teame holds both B.S. and M.P.H. degrees. 

Amira Yesnus Nuru, Senior Regional Manager - Tigray 
Amira is a public health specialist with a nursing and midwife background and an M.P.H. Amira has many years of experience leading and managing public health programs in the Tigray region.

Tibebu Benyam, Senior Regional Manager - Oromia
Tibebu has worked as a physician, researcher and department head with various organizations and public health programs. Tibebu has a Ph.D. from Gondar College of Medical Studies, and an M.P.H. from Umea University. 

Demisew Beyene, Management Mentor - Oromia
Demisew is a public health professional with more than 12 years of work experience in various areas including; maternal and child health, HIV prevention, care and treatment, leadership and management, capacity building, and quality improvement activities. Demisew has an M.P.H. degree. 

Eshetu Ketema, Management Mentor - Oromia
Eshetu has an M.P.H. from the Universtiy of Gondar and various professional development certificates. He has over 9 years of experience developing emergency programs in different International Nongovernmental Organizations.

Teshome Regassa, Management Mentor - Oromia
Tesome has 34 years of experience working with the Ministry of Health and in various Nongovernmental Organization positions including: health education, team coordinator, health extension professional trainer, hospital pharmacist, provincial pharmacy coordinator and provincial environmental health manager. Teshome has an M.S. in Health Education and Health Promotion. 

Aman Hillo Sedato, Management Mentor - Oromia
Aman has worked for Save the Children, Action Contre la Faim, Yeka Sub-City and ​Community Initiatives, facilitation and assistance in various public health program management roles. Aman has an M.P.H. from Haramva University and a B.S. in Environmental Health from Jimma University. 

Jiregna Teshome, Management Mentor - Oromia
Jiregna has more than 9 years of experience in public health working for Project Mercy, Oromoa Regional Health Bureau, Shasemene Health Science College, Medicines Sans Frontiers in Belgium, and Aje Health Care. Jiregna has an M.P.H. from Jimma University. 

Girma Nega Asfaw, Management Mentor - SNNP
Girma has 4 years of experience as the head of a health center. Girma has also served as a disease prevention and health promotion officer, and data quality control supervisor for the Ethiopian Public Health Institute.​ Girma has an M.P.H. from Jimma University. 

Halima Mohammed, Senior Regional Manager - SNNP
Halima has several years of experience in management and clinical services in both government and private health care facilities in Ethiopia as well as the Health Extension Program Platform project supporting the Urban Health Extension program in Addis Ababa. Halima has an M.H.A. from the School of Public Health at Addis Ababa University.

Ibrahim Temam, Management Mentor - SNNP
Ibrahim has 10 years of experience in public health. He has worked with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Zonal HIV Project, and the Lafa Zone Health Department. Ibrahim has also served as the CEO of Bonga Hospital and the head of Chena wordea health office. He has an M.H.A. degree.