Current Projects in Ethiopia

Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative

Most recently, GHLI launched the Primary Health Care Transformation Initiative (PTI), a Gates Foundation funded program designed to create and integrate systems that enhances the quality and equity of primary care throughout the country.  Over a three-year term, PTI will work in 36 districts (woredas) that address the health needs of more than three million people, to strengthen problem solving capacity of primary health care facilities and advance Ethiopia’s goal to achieve health outcomes comparable to those of a middle-income country by 2030. Read more about PTI.

    Global Health Equity Scholars Program at Yale University (GHES)

    The GHES Program supports research training of post- and pre-doctoral fellows at 12 partnering international institutions. The program brings forth the next generation of global health researchers, educators and professionals prepared to address new challenges in global health. GHLI faculty support research and training at the Ethiopia training site, with a focus on health systems research and implementation science.