GHLI offers support to health care administrators and staff to improve the performance of health systems through leadership development, quality improvement programs, and health systems research.  At Yale, GHLI educates students through a course designed to provide them with practical tools to develop strategies that address pressing global health issues.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Leadership in Global Health Speaker Program, where noted leaders in global health from diverse backgrounds provide examples of successful leadership in a variety of contexts.  

Around the world, GHLI trains health care professionals through programs both on the Yale campus and in partners’ home countries.  GHLI partners with universities, foundations and other non-profit agencies to develop and support sustained quality collaborations designed to promote effective leadership capacity and efficient management systems at the health facility level.  GHLI leadership development programs are guided by a model that promotes evidence-based solutions that can be scaled up, leadership that enhances individual and group capacity, data-based decision-making, and an applied learning experience.