Below are recent examples of GHLI infographics.
  • MHA Led Hospitals Perform Better

    MHA Ethioipia

    Public hospitals in Ethiopia led by CEOs that have a Master’s in Hospital and Health Care Administration (MHA) have lower mortality rates and higher patient satisfaction.
  • Infographic of Master’s in Hospital and Health Care Administration Capstone Projects

    MHA Rwanda

    Master’s in Hospital and Health Care Administration students have created significant change in Rwanda. Student led capstone projects have enhanced the quality of maternal and newborn care, reduced infection rates and cut back on the length of stay.
  • Social Service spending & HIV/AIDS health outcomes

    HIV and Social Services

    Despite considerable advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, infection rates have remained stagnant for the past decade. Researchers at GHLI examined links between spending on social services and public health and AIDS deaths in the US.
  • What Works in Readmissions Reduction Infographic

    What Works in Readmissions

    Evidence on how to reduce avoidable readmissions is mixed, with no specific clinical practice shown to reduce readmissions consistently. GHLI research shows how changes to hospital organizational practices may also influence avoidable readmissions.
  • The state of health in America

    The State of Health in America

    States that spend more money on social services and public health programs have healthier residents than states that don't, according to a new study led by GHLI faculty director  Elizabeth Bradley.
  • Making a difference in Rwanda

    Making a Difference in Rwanda

    An estimated 1.4 million people suffer from health-care-associated infections due to poor hand hygiene. To decrease these infections, district hospitals in Rwanda began producing their own hand sanitizer and saw great results.
  • Improving Public Health Systems Across Africa

    Project Last Mile

    GHLI expands its work with Project Last Mile, where the team continues project evaluation but will also focus on how the work is executed and outcomes related to improving health systems across Africa.