Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Programme

The Health and Social Care Strategic Leadership Program (formerly the International Health and Social Care Leadership Programme) is offered to executives and providers across the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. 

Like many countries dealing with rising health care costs, aging populations, and public calls for reform, the United Kingdom is making substantial changes to its National Health Service (NHS).  To prepare NHS staff in leadership roles to navigate this reform, GHLI and the South Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (SEPT) created the Health and Social Care Leadership Programme (HSCLP).   Established in 2007, this program was designed to equip health care managers with the tools needed to succeed in the new financial and operational framework of the NHS.  

Since 2013, the Health Education East of England partners with GHLI to expand the reach of the program within the NHS. The program venue spans both the U.K. and the U.S. in order to provide comparative analyses and perspectives that help generate creative solutions to health care problems common to both countries. During the program, participants are exposed to a variety of topics including systems thinking, strategic problem solving, and organizational development, to address high-level challenges in health and social care in the U.K.