Below are more recent examples of GHLI research.

Improving Hospital Management Capacity in Rwanda, an Example of Higher Education in a Low Income Country. Rex Wong, Elizabeth Bradley, Jeannie Mantopoulos, Erika Linnander, Jeanne Kagwiza and Eva Adomako. (2016). 

A Case Study and the Lessons Learned from In-House Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Production in a District Hospital in Rwanda. April Budd, Stephanie Lukas, Unarose Hogan, Kamugisha Priscille, Kanamugire Fanny, Pauline Hill, Ndikumana Edouard, Jean Bosco Byukusenge, Ntigurirwa Placide, Mutayomba Aimable, Rex Wong. (2016). 

A Case Study: Applying Quality Improvement Methods to Reduce Pre-Operative Length of Stay in a Resource-Constrained Setting in Rwanda. Ssebuufu Robinson, Victor Pawelzik, Abraham Megnetta, Oswald Benimana, Damascene Mazimpaka, Jules Ndoli, Augustin Sendegeya, Rex Wong.  Journal of Hospital Administration. (2016). 

Applying Quality Improvement Principles to Improve Accident and Emergency Department overcrowding and Flow in Rwanda: a Case Study. Jean Claude Byiringiro, Rex Wong, Caroline Davis, Jeffery Williams, Joseph Becker, Joseph Novik, Christine Uwineza, Chance Delphine Mukakamali, Theobald Hategekimana, Martin Nyundo. (2015). 

Identifying Characteristics Associated with Performing Recommended Practices in Maternal and Newborn Care Among Health Care Facilities in Rwanda: A Cross-Sectional Study. Sipsma HL, Curry LA, Kakoma JB, Linnander EL, Bradley EH. (2012).