What We Do

Despite an increased commitment to global health from governments, foundations and others, the design and performance of health care delivery systems often fails to ensure that advances and discoveries are effectively applied. Consequently, available resources are poorly distributed and the promise to resolve global health challenges goes largely unfulfilled.

Although often overlooked, effective leadership and management are critical to strengthening health systems and achieving large-scale goals. The Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI), led by Elizabeth Bradley, Ph.D., and Michael Skonieczny, M.P.A., develops leadership at Yale and around the world through education and research programs that strengthen health systems and promote health equity and quality of care. GHLI brings together policymakers, practitioners and researchers to foster evidence-based problem solving, inspire leadership and debate critical issues in global health.

“Leadership is critical for promoting health equity and quality of care. Without leadership, we allow poor systems to persist, we waste scarce resources, and we often leave the people who are poorest with the least. None of this is acceptable.  Leadership can change and improve the situation. GHLI works to contribute to global leadership inspired with this vision – health equity and quality of care for all.”

Elizabeth H. Bradley, Faculty Director, GHLI

“GHLI is a catalyst, bringing together different perspectives and disciplines to address the most pressing issues in global health.  Our work is centered on building strong collaborations that are responsive to the local context and focused on sustainable, long-term solutions that can be owned by our partners.”

Michael Skonieczny, Executive Director, GHLI