Ethiopia Team

Dr. Netsanet Fetene, Research Associate
Netsanet manages the research activities  for Yale GHLI HEPCAPs work, which includes site visits, key-informant interviews, focus groups, and other research activities in urban and rural Ethiopia. He also supports the design of data capturing tools and manages quality control, data analysis and reporting.

Janna Smith, Director of Ethiopia Programs 
Janna directs all programmatic activities in Ethiopia including HEPCAPS, Ethiopia-specific LMG efforts, and the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative. These initiatives include the Master’s of Hospital and Healthcare Administration program, the Ethiopian Healthcare Alliance for Quality, and other hospital-related efforts.

Halima Mohammed, HEPCAPS Program Manager
Halima oversees the day-to-day operations of the HEPCAPS project with particular focus on a time motion study of health extension workers in rural and urban settings, a primary health care unit demonstration project, and maintaining communication among collaborating partners.

Gordon Shen, Postdoctoral Fellow
Gordon supports research for various programs including HEPCAPS, the LMG Senior Leadership Program, and Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative in collaboration with faculty from Yale and Addis Ababa Universities.

Dawit Tatek, Program Manager
Dawit manages EHMI-related projects, including the  and hospital efforts related to clinical guidelines and safe surgery.  In this role, Dawit prepares training documents and leads orientations, lectures, and trainings.